Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers Kids Will Love

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One of the hardest parts about getting ready for Easter is the Easter basket.  Not the basket itself exactly.  That I usually dig out from storage in the basement.  Add some new paper grass and tie on a big bow.  Easter basket complete.

It’s trickier deciding how to fill the Easter eggs that will eventually go into the basket.

When the kids were little, for some reason the only thing that I could think of was candy.  I had a thing for putting jellybeans and little chocolate candies into the eggs.  They are some of my favorites, so I figured if my kids didn’t eat them, I would.

So, of course, my little spent a week after the Easter egg hunt sneaking them out of her Easter eggs.  And I didn’t have a clue.  No wonder she seemed so off the wall that week.

After that, I declared no more candy in the Easter eggs.  It was time to get creative.

Ever since I have only used non-candy Easter egg fillers.  The kids still love hunting for Easter eggs and the fillers are enjoyed long after Easter is over.

Each year, the Easter egg fillers that I choose changes.  They are based on the child’s interests, development and what is currently available.

Although it can be hard, planning non-candy Easter egg fillers is also really fun.  You can be super creative with figuring out what can fit in an egg.  Kids enjoy shaking the eggs to try to guess what’s inside.  And the looks of surprise on their faces when they finally open the contents – priceless.


Photo Courtesy of Gabe Pierce

How Do I Choose the Perfect Easter Egg Fillers?

When choosing Easter egg fillers, think about the size of your plastic eggs.  Plastic Easter eggs come in all different sizes – from the classic ones that you can buy in bulk to super large ones that would hold a small stuffed animal.

Depending on the Easter egg hunt that I’m planning, I try to vary the size of the Easter eggs.  I usually use mostly smaller eggs, a few that are medium size and at least one super big one.  Sometimes, I even add in a golden egg for a special surprise. (affiliates)

It’s also important to keep in mind how many eggs you want each child to find on the Easter egg hunt.  This number will determine how many fillers you choose.

As you decide on Easter egg fillers, think variety.  Kids love surprises.  Have lots of different things that will delight instead of the same thing (such as filling all of the eggs with bouncy balls).

Be creative.  You’d be surprised all of the fun things that fit in an Easter egg.

Photo Courtesy of Sigmund

Separate It

One of my favorite tricks to finding good Easter egg fillers is taking a set with small pieces and separating it into the eggs.  For example, choose a Lego set and put the pieces into the Easter eggs.

There are lots of kits and sets that can be divided into Easter eggs.  Here are some of my favorites that I’ve used over the years. (affiliates)

What do I do if the kit has big parts?  Some kits and sets that I’ve divided up over the years also have larger pieces that don’t fit into an Easter egg.  I have wrapped these separately for the child to find on the Easter egg hunt.

Or I’ve placed larger pieces in their Easter basket.  This is a fun way to give clues about what they’re going to find on the Easter egg hunt.  For example, I’ve added larger craft kit pieces and Perler bead forms in their basket.

For a beading kit, I’ve included a bead box to organize their beads.  When hunting for a Lego set, I’ve included the instruction manual and larger Lego building pieces in the basket.

There are lots of great ideas for breaking up a bigger kits into smaller pieces.  Just use your imagination.  It will fit – at least some of the pieces will.


Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

Filling Easter eggs for toddlers can be a bit more tricky.  You want to be careful when tiny hands and a desire to eat everything is involved.

When choosing Easter egg fillers for toddlers, avoid anything that could be considered a choking hazard.  I always tried to fill the eggs with snacks that they could eat – animal crackers, fruit gummies and raisins come to mind.  Or something that they could easily play with.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for Easter egg fillers for toddlers. (affiliates)

  • Finger Foods – Toddlers love to snack, so fill the eggs with their favorite things that they can safely put in their mouths.  Goldfish crackers.  Yogurt melts.  Animal crackers.  Fruit snacks.  Their favorite cereal.
  • Sidewalk chalk (choose smaller pieces so they fit in the egg)
  • Shaped crayons (these bunny shaped crayons or crayon eggs would be a great filler)
  • Finger Puppets
  • Socks (because my toddlers were constantly losing theirs, so we always needed new pairs)
  • Mini Play Dough
  • Bath Toys (squirt toys and rubber duckies are always a hit)
  • Mini Bubbles
  • Race Cars (these are easy to pick up at the toy store or Dollar Tree)
  • Playmobil 1-2-3 Figures
  • Little People Figures (my kids adored these and we were always misplacing them)
  • Stickers
  • Small Dinosaurs or other animal figures
  • Hair Bows and Clips (or these Peep inspired pony tail holders could be fun)
  • Magnetic Letters (one set can be divided into lots of eggs)
  • Sunglasses (depending how big they are, they might fit in a larger size egg)

As mentioned above, you can also take a toy set and divide it into eggs for toddlers.  The Playmobil 1-2-3 sets make great egg fillers.  One year we used this Noah’s Ark set (affiliate).  Each egg had an animal and my little found the ark in her Easter basket.  It’s still an all time favorite toy around here.

You can also divide up Duplo sets or Little People sets.  The Little People doll house pieces could be placed in eggs and the house discovered as the big Easter surprise (affiliate).


Where Do I Get the Eggs? 

These days, plastic Easter eggs are available everywhere.  Check your local Dollar Tree (affiliate), big box store or other retailer.

You can also get some creative plastic Easter eggs online.  They have everything from sparkly glitter eggs to polka dotted ones.  There’s even these adorable chick and bunny shaped eggs. (affiliates)

Plastic Easter eggs also come in all shapes and sizes.  You can get regular sized, medium ones or even giant ones for bigger Easter egg fillers.

And if you want to make Easter even more special, check out these personalized jumbo Easter eggs (affiliate).  They are a great way to let the kids know whose egg is who.  Especially when they are hunting for the big prize.

What if I need enough eggs for a crowd?  You can also purchase plastic Easter eggs in bulk.  This set of 1,000 eggs should keep the kids busy for awhile. (affiliate)


Favorite Easter Egg Fillers

Glitter Glue 

Add a touch of rainbows and glitter to your child’s crafting with a bottle (or two) of glitter glue.  Use to decorate an assortment of things.  The only limitation is your imagination.  Choose between rainbow squeezable bottles or little tubs of pixie paste (affiliates).

Expanding Magic Towel

Do you remember the expanding magic towel?  They used to be my go to at gift shops when I traveled as a kid.  I loved taking them home and watching them expand in the bath tub.

Turns out they also are the perfect size to fit in an Easter egg.  Check out how to get them to expand into a wash cloth here.

You can also find expanding wash cloths in your favorite Disney characters or pick some up next time you’re at a gift shop.  (affiliate)

Color Bath Dropz

These fun little color capsules are sure to make bathtime a delight.  Just drop one in to dye the bath water a different color.  It will just be hard to choose which color to start with. (affiliate)

Photo courtesy of The Roxy Grace Company (affiliate)

Bath Bombs

Nothing can be more exciting than dropping a bath bomb into the water and watching it fizz.  These bunny shaped ones are a great Easter themed bath bomb that kids will enjoy.

Or these Bath Droplets are perfectly sized for a child’s bath.  Just drop one in for a fresh smelling experience or mix and match colors for even more bathtime fun. (affiliates)

Creative Erasers

One of my kids favorite stationery items is the eraser.  And not just the classic pink pearl eraser.  They love erasers in all shapes and colors.

To be honest, they aren’t always used as erasers either.  Many times they become little play friends and are eventually named.

The best part is that these little erasers fit into Easter eggs.  Some of my favorites are unicorn donuts (because why not), icy pops, scented ice cream cones or even astronauts (affiliates).  Kids will delight in discovering these little gems.  Even if they don’t use them for erasing.

Pencil Sharpener

Another adored stationery item around our house is the pencil sharpener.  Although we have an electric one in the school room, kids love to keep little hand held ones in their pencil boxes.  These rocket ship shaped ones are fun or how about a fruit themed one.  There’s even a scented eraser. (affiliates)


Stickers are one of those things that never grows old.  Kids love decorating with them, crafting with them and just sticking them – everywhere.

And the best part is that they fill a lot of Easter eggs.  You can purchase sheets of stickers and cut them into individual pieces.  Then, put a couple of the individual stickers in each egg.

For teens or tweens who might be past the cute sticker stage, check out one of these water bottle stickers instead (affiliate).  They will love displaying the modern designs for all to see.

Photo courtesy of Beaded Perfection (affiliate)

Name Bracelet

This sweet little bunny name bracelet makes a very pretty Easter egg filler.  Add your child’s name and you can even choose the color of the bunny charm.  It’s the perfect accessory to any Easter outfit. (affiliate)

Nail Polish

Let their nails sparkle and shine with these pretty little nail polish bottles.  When selecting nail polish for kids, choose ones that are non-toxic and water based so they’re safe for them to use.  It’s helpful to select polishes that say they can be easily removed with nail polish remover.  We’ve used certain nail polishes and they have been impossible to get off.

My favorite nail polish for kids is Piggy Paint.  It’s odorless, chemical free and very kid friendly.  The best part is that you can choose from a range of colors.  And the bottles are small enough to fit into an Easter egg. (affiliate)

Nail Stickers 

If painting your nails isn’t your thing, how about decorating them with these Easter Nail Stickers (affiliate).  Place them right on top of your nails for sweet spring look.

Some nail polish kits also come with nail stickers.  Separate the nail stickers, so you can have an extra egg filler or two. (affiliate)


Shaped Crayons

Crayons make a fun Easter egg filler, but traditional ones usually are too long to fit in an Easter egg.  Another idea is to use Easter shaped ones instead.  These adorable little bunny shaped ones or flowers would be a delight.  Or these egg shaped ones will fit perfectly into an Easter egg.

If you have the time and prefer a DIY project, you can also make your own Easter themed crayons from old crayons.  Just use bunny and egg silicone molds when you melt them (affiliate)Check out our crayon making tutorial here.

Activity Tokens

Instead of choosing a little item for each Easter egg, why not give them an experience to enjoy in the future.  These handmade Easter egg tokens are a great Easter egg filler (affiliate).  Or you can edit and print your own activity tickets with these Easter egg coupons from our shop.

Mini Flashlight

Help them light up the night with a mini flashlight (affiliate).  They’re the perfect accessory to get ready for summer and those over night camping trips.  Or organize a game of flashlight tag the night after the egg hunt.

Temporary Tattoos

This is another fun Easter egg filler that can fill many eggs.  Little ones love putting on temporary tattoos.  I think it makes them feel “big” some how.

Many times temporary tattoos come in sheets.  You can cut out the individual tattoos and place one or two in each egg. (affiliate)

Bouncy Balls

One thing kids can never seem to have enough of is bouncy balls.  Maybe it’s because they are fun to play with.  Or maybe it’s because they get misplaced often and we can never find them when we want to play.

Whatever the reason, bouncy balls are a great Easter egg filler that kids love.  You can choose from these egg shaped ones (warning – they have a bit of a funny bounce which makes them even more unpredictable and fun) or adorable little lambs.  For a more traditional bouncy ball, check out these extra large glitter ones.  They would fit in a medium sized Easter egg.  (affiliates)

Popsicle Holder

With summer right around the corner, that means that popsicle season can’t be too far behind.  Keep track of their popsicles this summer with these personalized popsicle holder sleeves.  Fold in half to fit into an egg.  (affiliate)

Photo by Markus Winkler

Mini Puzzles

If you’re kids love solving puzzles, these Easter shaped mini puzzles are a fun Easter egg filler.  Each 20 piece puzzle comes in a bag.  You can separate the pieces between eggs if they’re too big to fit into one.

For the dinosaur lover, check out these wooden dinosaur puzzles.  They come pre-packaged in an Easter egg so they are ready for the hunt.  Choose from many different versions to find the one that fits best. (affiliate)

And for kids who prefer logic puzzles over a traditional one, these mini snake puzzle cubes are really fun.  They twist and turn into multiple different designs.  And they also come pre-packaged in an egg shaped container so they’re ready for the hunt. (affiliate)

Pop Fidget Toys

Are your kids obsessed with these popping toys too?  We received two for Valentine’s Day this year.  Something about the popping bubbles keeps them entranced.  It’s like when I used to have them pop squares of bubble wrap.  The only difference is that these popping toys are reusable.

So if you want to add to their Pop It toy collection, check out these Easter themed pop it key chains in carrots, eggs and bunnies (affiliate).  They should fit in a bigger sized egg.

Or you can even get a set of pre-filled Easter eggs with pop-its already inside (affiliate).  All you have to do is hide the eggs!


Like animal figures, dinosaurs are another popular toy that kids will love.  These small dinosaur figures fit perfectly into Easter eggs (affiliate).  The key is to get them not to roar and give up their hiding places.

Photo by Markus Spiske

Race Cars

Zoom around the room and down the driveway with new race cars.  They are the perfect length to fit most Easter eggs.  The hard part is picking just one.

Add a roll of this road tape to their baskets to make indoor car play even cooler.  (affiliates)

Animal Figures

My kids never seem to tire of these little animal figures.  Ever since they brought home their first farm animals from a farm field trip we took, they’ve loved playing with them.  We still have a huge bucket that comes out every once and awhile.  Depending on the play that is happening.

Animal figures come in all different kinds.  Most can easily fit in Easter eggs.  You can also take an animal figures set and break it up into multiple Easter eggs.  This wild animals set is fun or an ocean animals one could provide great imaginative play.  (affiliate)

Photo Courtesy of Tinys Art Store (affiliate)


Although you wouldn’t want to bend most bookmarks to fit in an Easter egg, a crochet bookmark folds quite easily.  These flower crochet bookmarks are a sweet addition for any reader.  Or how about a little fish to swim with their reading. (affiliates)  Pair with a new book in their Easter basket and you have a great Easter gift.

Sidewalk Chalk

Just like crayons, sidewalk chalk comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  And it’s the perfect tool for encouraging outdoor creative play this spring.

Check out this egg shaped chalk that will fit perfectly into your Easter eggs. (affiliate)

Photo Courtesy of With Hugs and Kisses (affiliate)

Finger Puppets

These adorable little finger puppets will have the kids putting on a play in minutes.  The perfect little gift if you’re headed to a restaurant for Easter brunch.  And the best part is that finger puppets fold in half to fit inside most sized eggs.

This imaginative set based on traditional Easter characters are so adorable.  I especially love their cute little expressions. (affiliate)


Have you met these adorable little squishie friends?  They make such fun playmates and can be used in all sorts of imaginative play.  The best part is you can find them in all shapes, sizes and types.  My favorite is these little squishie animals.  They are quite cute and my kids never seem to tire of playing with them.  Plus they fit into the smallest of Easter eggs. (affiliate)

Mini Cookie Cutters

Make some springtime cookies with these mini cookie cutters (affiliate).  They fit in a medium sized Easter egg.  Choose from Easter themed shapes to spring flowers.  You can even include a recipe in one of the eggs to get the baking started.


If you’re going to make cookies, be sure that you have something to decorate them with.  These Easter themed sprinkles are a wonderful addition to any sugar cookie (affiliate).  Or get something that can be used all year round.  These unicorn sprinkles would make a sweet decoration any time of year. (affiliate)

Minerals and Gemstones

Make your Easter eggs dazzle this Easter by filling them with a variety of minerals and gemstones.  Raid your own rock collection or break up a larger rocks and minerals kit to fill several eggs (affiliates).  Some kits even come with shark teeth and arrow heads, which would also be fun.

To save time, check out these pre-filled eggs that have an assortment of minerals and rocks (affiliate).  These are perfect for a budding geologist.


This Easter egg filler idea is from my grandmother.  She used to host delightful egg hunts for my cousins and I.  Once we got too old for all of the little Easter trinkets, she filled our eggs with coins.  Everything from dollar bills to an assortment of change.  She even hid state quarters.

We loved collecting the eggs and trying to guess how much money was inside based on how the egg jingled.  We knew the quiet ones had larger bills in them.

And it was a wonderful way to give us some extra pocket money to buy something we really wanted.

Photo Courtesy of Toan Lu (affiliate)


These six sided (sometimes more) cubes have such possibilities for game playing.  And dice come in all shapes and sizes these days.  Fill your Easter eggs with colored ones, ten sided or even a smaller die in a larger one (affiliates).  They are great for practicing math and playing the unexpected dice game.

Bunny Racers

These adorable little bunny racers are perfect surprise for a larger sized egg.  Pull them back and see how far they can fly.  You can even set up some blocks for them to knock down.  Or organize a bunny car race to see whose fastest.  (affiliate)

Fairy Garden Miniatures

Once spring arrives, it’s time to welcome the fairies to the garden again.  Add to the whimsy of this year’s fairy houses with an assortment of fairy garden miniatures.

(affiliate) These sweet additions fit into small to medium sized Easter eggs.

Pocket Magnifying Glass

Get your naturalist ready for spring with a pocket magnifying glass (affiliate).  It’s perfect to take on nature hikes or to go explore the backyard.  This set includes a safety whistle for added playtime fun.  And both fit in a medium sized Easter egg.

Hair Clips and Pony Tail Holders

One item that is always going missing in our house is hair things.  Clips, pony tail holders and fabric headbands can never be found when needed.

These little hair items are perfect for fitting into an Easter egg.  Soft felt bunny hair clips, glittery butterfly barrettes or Secret Garden themed scrunchies are sweet spring additions to any hair style. (affiliate)


Make your fingers dazzle with Easter themed rings.  This adorable chubby chick ring is one of my favorites.  Or these cute bunny themed ones are adjustable for any sized finger.  This will help guarantee that they don’t fall off.  (affiliates)

Pet Toys

Even your pets will enjoy celebrating Easter.  Fill some of the Easter eggs with some toys the kids can play with their pets.  Cat nip for your kitten.  A ball to fetch for the dog.  Or even some special treats for the hamster.

Photo courtesy of Studbee


The thing I like best about Minifigures when it comes to Easter egg hunts is their size.  They make a perfect egg filler that most kids will love.  Check out your local Lego store for interesting Minifigure options.  Or the surprise Minifigure bags can be folded to fit into a medium sized egg. (affiliate) Two times the surprise!

Fillers for a Crowd

If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt for lots of people (your neighborhood, scout troop, church community or the such), you might need Easter egg fillers in larger quantities.  The ones I listed above are more for individual kids baskets since they come in smaller quantities.

If you’re having a large scale Easter egg hunt, though, you will want more budget friendly Easter egg fillers.  Here are a few ideas that come in bulk quantities, which makes them better for a large crowd.

Here are some of my favorites (affiliates):

Or your can get a pre-filled egg assortment instead.  This variety pack of Easter eggs come pre-filled, which will save you a lot of time. (affiliate)

Can I Make It an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt?

Don’t want to do a traditional Easter Egg Hunt?  No worries.  Some years, the Easter Bunny brings bigger gifts for the kids.  But my littles still love collecting Easter eggs.  So instead of filling the individual eggs with different items, we fill them with clues.  These clues are part of a scavenger hunt and lead to the bigger prize.

Interested in hosting your own Easter scavenger hunt?  Some years we prefer giving bigger gifts, but the kids still love collecting Easter eggs.  So instead of filling the Easter eggs with little gifts, we fill them with clues.  Be sure to check out our printable Easter egg scavenger hunt for little clue cards that you can edit.

Love these Easter egg filler ideas?  Be sure to pin this post below to save for later.


And if you’re looking for other Easter fun, check out our Easter printables and craft ideas.  From dying Easter eggs using whipped cream to Free Printable Bunny Ears to add to the Easter party fun, there are lots of Easter ideas on our blog.

Happy Celebrating,

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