Cutest Girl Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

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Choosing the perfect Halloween costume for your little ones can be one of the most exciting or stressful parts of Halloween.  Especially when they’re too little to talk.

When my littles were babies, I often worried about whether or not they would love their costume.  Would it be warm enough on Halloween night?  Would they be comfortable wearing it?   And my biggest fear of all – would they even keep their costume on?

It was hard to choose the perfect girl baby Halloween costumes.  Mainly because it was our first Halloween with kids ever.  Oh, the pressure.

For my first’s Halloween, she donned a traditional pumpkin costume.  Complete with a stem hat.  I definitely didn’t get as creative with her as these adorable girl baby Halloween costumes.

And by the time our second came along, our first was already deciding not only her Halloween costume, but also her new baby brother’s.  Around mid-August that year, she declared that they would be ducks.  She was the big duck and he was her duckling.  It turned out pretty cute.

If you are in the deciding stage of girl baby Halloween costume selection, making a final decision can feel daunting.  There are so many adorable costumes to choose from, how do you just select one?  Here are a couple of important things to keep in mind.


Do You Want to Make it Yourself?

Before even starting your search for the perfect girl baby Halloween costumes, decide if you want to make it yourself or purchase something pre-made.  There are lots of different costume ideas that fit under both categories.

If you’re very busy this time of year, it might be easier to purchase a pre-made costume.  You don’t have to go to a big-box store, though.  There are lots of smaller children’s boutique shops and Etsy makers that feature beautiful girl baby Halloween costumes.  And those are pretty close to handmade.

Some of you might hear your DIY calling when you think baby Halloween costume.  Coming from a family where my mom made all of my Halloween costumes (and she wasn’t crafty any other time of the year), I completely understand.  If you hear the call of DIY, choose a Halloween costume idea that you can make easily.  Or focus on an idea that you can put together with things that you already have at home.


Does your Little One Mind Things on her Head?

Having raised a little who despised anything that was placed on her head – bows, hats, headbands, etc. – I’ve had to be careful when choosing costumes over the years.  If there was a head piece, it couldn’t be a requirement for wearing the costume.  The costume would have to shine without it.

Before selecting any costume that has a head piece, make sure that your child will enjoy wearing it.  Especially if it’s an important part of the costume’s look.  A Cabbage Patch Kid might not be the best costume choice if they won’t be willing to keep the wig on.

Do you Want to Choose a Family Costume Theme?

Growing up, we had wonderful neighbors who had four kids.  As an only child, four kids was pretty exciting.

And every Halloween, they dressed up in a family theme.  My favorite was when they showed up trick or treating dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz (affiliate).  The baby was the lion and he was so cute.

Before choosing a Halloween costume, decide if you want your family’s costumes to be themed.  There are some amazing Mommy/Baby and Family Halloween costume theme ideas out there.  A theme can help make your Halloween costume decisions so much easier.

Keep in mind, though, that costume themes can get harder to pull off as the kids get older.  So if you love the theme idea, enjoy it while their young.  Many older kids have their own Halloween costume ideas and are appalled at the idea of dressing like another family member.  “It’s embarrassing” is the phrase that comes to mind.


Where Do you Plan to Go in the Costume?

If you have older kids too, you might take your little out trick or treating on Halloween night.  But if it’s just you and baby, you might choose to skip a traditional trick or treating outing.  Unless you want to enjoy the candy yourself.

Before making a final costume decision, figure out where you plan to go in the costume.  When the kids were little, we would go “faux trick or treating” to the grandparent’s house.  There were treats to eat and the grandparents loved seeing them all dressed up.

If you want to show your little around in their costume, check out local Halloween parties and parades.  Sometimes parent groups or local kid venues have Halloween parties for the littles to enjoy too.

When selecting the perfect costume, it’s important to also think about weather and if you’ll be inside (or out).  Depending on where you live, Halloween night can bring warm weather, a chill in the air or even snow.  We’ve had all three.

If you plan on attending outside events in the costume, have a backup plan for staying warm.  You might not want a jacket covering the beautiful costume.  Other ideas include a long sleeve onesie to wear underneath and baby leggings.

After you’ve worked out all of the Halloween costume details, it’s time to pick your favorite one.  Check out some of the cutest girl baby Halloween costumes that I’ve found below.  The hardest part will be making a final decision.  Good luck.

Favorite Girl Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby Flamingo

Let your baby strut her stuff this Halloween as an adorable baby flamingo. (affiliate)  I love that the feathers are sewn onto the onesie keeping her extra comfortable.  And there is even a cute matching headband.  In case there’s any question about what she is.

Photo courtesy of Stephs Family Stitches (affiliate)

Sweet Mermaid

One of my favorite materials for making girl baby Halloween costumes is crochet.  The costumes are so soft and comfy for your baby to wear.

This adorable baby mermaid costume is perfect for a non-crawling little one (affiliate).  (The long mermaid tail might get in the way if you have a little one on the move.)  Complete with a “shell” top and pretty little headband that your little doesn’t have to keep on, it’s one of my favorites.

Photo courtesy of Lover Dovers Baby (affiliate)

Chip Tea Cup

Remember Chip?  The littlest tea cup from Beauty and the Beast?  Now, your little one can join Belle’s tea party and dress up as Chip for Halloween. (affiliate)  It’s also the perfect addition to a Beauty and the Beast family theme of costumes.  In case you have a budding Belle in the family too.

Photo courtesy of A Sweet Sweet Boutique (affiliate)

Baby Witch

If you want to stick with a classic this Halloween, check out this adorable baby witch costume. (affiliate) Complete with a black tutu and sweet little witch hat headband, your little one will be the cutest witch around.

Photo Courtesy of JoJos Boutique (affiliate)

Feathered Baby Chicken

For an older baby (and toddler), head to the barnyard this season.  Transform your little one into an adorable feathered baby chicken. (affiliate)  The costume has the cutest chicken hat (do they make those for adults?) and feathers.

The best part?  It’s perfect for a cold Halloween night.  You can use a long sleeve white onesie and leggings underneath that are sure to keep your little one warm.

Photo courtesy of Kellys Costumes (affiliate)

Raggedy Ann

This classic childhood book character makes a sweet baby Halloween costume idea.  As long as your little one will keep a wig on.  Match this adorable Raggedy Ann wig with a blue dress and pinafore that you already have at home (affiliate).  Or you can get the entire homemade Raggedy Ann costume here (affiliate).  I just love the red and white striped stockings!

Photo Courtesy of The Costume Café (affiliate)

Little Strawberry

Babies are so “berry” sweet.  And so is this little strawberry costume (affiliate). Handcrafted from felt, it looks quite soft and warm.  The costume is made a bit bigger, so you can put it over a coat or even a snowsuit.  Perfect for staying warm on a colder Halloween night.

Photo Courtesy of Avery’s Couture Look (affiliate)

Alice in Wonderland

Delight in childhood imagination this Halloween and dress your little up as Alice in Wonderland (affiliate).  This creative rendition of the costume includes a beautiful (and fluffy) tutu, lace bodice and little pearl embellishments.  It’s perfect for waltzing through the garden, going to a Halloween tea or trick or treating on a warm evening.

Photo Courtesy of Once Upon a Time Tutus (affiliate)

Sweet Autumn Fairy

Celebrate fall this Halloween with a sweet Autumn Fairy costume. (affiliate) The costume has a maroon tutu top paired with an autumn colored tutu.  The tutu is covered in leaves and acorns for an added fall look.  There’s even a matching leaf headband that you can add.  All you’ll need to do is sprinkle a little fairy dust.


If you have a Peter Pan flying around the house, perhaps he (or she) needs a little Tinkerbell?  This sweet little Tinkerbell costume will steal the show (and possibly the costume contest) (affiliate).  The costume is an apron design, though, that doesn’t go all the way around the back.  So, for a chillier Halloween night pair it with a long sleeve white onesie to stay warm.

Photo Courtesy of Lily and Max Co (affiliate)

Dorothy from Oz

Your baby can dance down the Yellow Brick Road to the Land of Oz in this Dorothy costume (affiliate).  The blue gingham romper design is perfect for little movers.  And the front can be embroidered with a little Toto and your baby’s name.  Complete the ensemble with ruby red booties and the sequined bow. So cute!

Photo courtesy of Anisha Karkhanis

Classic Pumpkin

If you asked me about my favorite traditional Halloween costume for littles, I would say the pumpkin.  My little wore a newborn version for her first Halloween (affiliate).  And she was the cutest pumpkin in the patch.  And so, were everyone else’s little pumpkins.

The pumpkin is just a wonderfully easy and sensible costume.  The best part, since it’s a gender neutral costume, you can use it for multiple littles.  My cousin had all seven of her littles wear it as their first Halloween costume.  So, I consider it more of an investment.

This pumpkin costume from Anisha Karkahnis is one of my favorites because of its tunic style (affiliate).  You can add a long sleeve onesie and leggings if the weather calls for it.  And that pumpkin stem hat is so cute!

Just be sure to order early.  Turns out that pumpkin baby costumes are quite popular!

Photo courtesy of Lover Dovers Baby (affiliate)

Little Red Riding Hood

Set off to Grandma’s house with this whimsical Little Red Riding Hood costume.  It’s apron design is perfect for littles who don’t like too much costume restricting their movement.  For colder nights, pair with a long sleeve onesie.  There is a even a cape (if your baby will keep it on) to complete the outfit.

Cabbage Patch Doll

One of my first dolls as a kid was a Cabbage Patch Doll.  Yes, I was an 80s baby.  I loved that it came with it’s very own birth certificate, so you knew when it was born.

If you have a little that doesn’t mind wearing things on her head, then dressing up as a Cabbage Patch Doll is a great idea.  Pair this adorable wig with a classic dress from the closet (affiliate).  Costume complete.

Photo Courtesy of Pea Pod Ray (affiliate)

Adorable Pebbles

Take your Halloween costume back to cave times with this adorable Pebbles costume. (affiliate) The costume includes a bright green spotted top and blue bloomers.  Add a little bone shaped bow and you’ll have the cutest Pebbles for the last million(s) of years.

Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish

Celebrate this all time classic Dr. Seuss book with this One Fish Two Fish costume from Homemade for Elle.  It’s the perfect homemade solution for the craft challenged.  Start with a yellow outfit – a yellow onesie with a yellow tutu would work perfectly.  Then, attach red and blue fish.  For durability – Halloween involves a lot of movement – make the fish out of red and blue felt.  They will be less likely to rip or fall off of the dress.

How to Choose the Right Girl Baby Halloween Costume?

Picking the just right girl baby Halloween costume can feel stressful – especially if your a first time mom.  The key is to start early.  It takes time to find a costume that you love, have it delivered and add accessories if necessary.  There have been many an October 30th when I’ve run around looking for last minute leggings or a specific colored headband to complete an assemble.  You don’t want to be like me.

If you’re ordering your costume online, leave plenty of time for delivery.  Don’t rely on the mail person or shop to deliver your costume by October 31st.  Add a week or two buffer to make sure it arrives in time.  Especially if you need it a little early.

When thinking about different costume choices, start with how you plan to use the costume.  If your little will be trick or treating on Halloween night outside, you’ll want to choose a warmer costume.  But if the costume will be worn to day care or a Halloween parade at the mall, then warmth might not matter so much.

Also, consider what everyone else in your group is wearing.  For the kids’ first few Halloweens, they coordinated their costumes together.  It was quite adorable.

But as they became more “independently minded” – aka grew up – they had no interest in matching.

Before deciding on a costume, think about if you want to coordinate with your baby.  Or if you want your baby to coordinate with any one else.

After you’ve gotten through the basics, it’s time to evaluate your girl baby Halloween costume choices.  Before deciding, browse through lots of different baby girl Halloween costume ideas.  When looking at each costume, consider the following.

Will my baby be comfortable wearing this costume?

Is this costume warm enough for our Halloween events?

Do I have the needed accessories to go with the costume?  Can I easily find them? (Don’t make more work for yourself than you need to.)

Can my baby easily move around? (for any new crawlers or walkers)

Do I have enough time for this costume to arrive?  (for any late online shoppers)

Once you’ve chosen the perfect baby girl Halloween costume, start organizing any accessories that you’ll need.  You’ll feel less stressed once you have the costume ready for Halloween night.

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