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Free Printable Halloween Countdown Calendar

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Ever since we celebrated Little Bug’s birthday at the end of August, I’ve heard a familiar chant each day… “Halloween is next!”.  Although we’ve enjoyed Halloween the last couple of years, this seems to be the first year that she’s really into it. 

In recent weeks, we’ve been talking about how to decorate the house, Halloween craft projects to make and practicing saying our “Trick or Treat” nice and loudly for Halloween night.


It’s been hard to explain to Little Bug that Halloween is still over a month or 31 days away.  She always wakes up thinking it is today (despite the fact that we still haven’t decorated, finished our costumes or really made any crafts yet!). 

To help her countdown the remaining days, I designed a Free Printable Halloween Countdown Calendar.  Each day is shown with a pumpkin.  When you get to the pumpkin patch at the bottom, Halloween will really be here!


To make your own Halloween Countdown Calendar, download your Free Printable Halloween Countdown Calendar.  Then, print it out and trim.  If you need some ideas for printing your designs, check out our printing tips here.

Once you’ve printed the design, you can simply hang it on the refrigerator for the kids to mark off each day.  Use a fun marker, pen or even let them add a Halloween sticker to cover the pumpkin.  (Stickers are considered gold in our house and this was my favorite choice.) (affiliate)

Another creative idea is to place the calendar into a pretty frame.  Then you can mark off each day with a window dry erase marker or a chalk marker. (affiliates) This way the markings will wipe off at the end of the countdown and you can use again next year.

Unfortunately, we have nowhere to display such a crafty project, so we’re sticking with our refrigerator.  Plus, I wasn’t really in the mood to dig out a frame…  But, it’s a great idea and might work well for your space.


You can download your Free Printable Halloween Countdown Calendar here.  And don’t forget, October 1st is this SATURDAY, so you’ll need to print it out and hang it up by then!

Looking for more Halloween Fun?

Halloween will be here before you know it.  Time to enjoy some fall and Halloween fun as a family.  Here are some of our favorite Halloween activities to make and do together.

Halloween Bottlecap Necklaces

Spooky Ghost Kabobs Snack

Free Printable Halloween Word Scramble

DIY Spider Thumbprint Card

Easy to Make Halloween Bat Snack (perfect for classroom parties!)

And if you need some Halloween printables to use at your Halloween party, be sure to stop by our shop.  There are lots of Halloween goodies that will make your Halloween (and fall) celebrations extra special!

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  1. THANK YOU for such a simple and cute countdown to Halloween. I just started looking for something for my grandchildren and this is perfect.

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