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Easy Halloween Bat Snack

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With October right around the corner, we are starting to think about Halloween.  And one thing to plan for is the kids Halloween party.

My favorite part about planning a kids Halloween party is getting creative with the menu.  From serving healthy Halloween ghost kabobs to arranging a candy corn vegetable platter, there are lots of easy Halloween snack ideas that kids will love.


This Halloween, I can’t wait to serve the kids this super simple bat Halloween snack.  Based on the butterfly snacks that I’ve seen served at kids garden parties, this easy Halloween bat snack takes a similar shape.  The adorable bat clip in the middle


You Will Need:

Chocolate Cereal (I used chocolate Cheerios, but you can choose any chocolate cereal that you think your guests will enjoy.)

Sandwich Bags

Black Clothespins (affiliate) – If you can’t find black clothespins, you can also purchase natural ones and paint them black.  Starting with black ones just saves you a step and makes this craft even easier to make.

6mm Googly Eyes (affiliate)

Black Cardstock

Silver Permanent Marker (affiliate)

1.  Assemble the pieces you will need to make the bat clothespin clips.  Start with the bat ears.  Cut very small triangles from the black cardstock.

2.  Glue two Googly eyes (affiliate) under the top of the black clothespin.  Let dry.

3.  Draw a smile onto the bat with the silver permanent marker (affiliate).  Add two fangs, if desired.

4.  Fill a sandwich bag a little less than halfway with the cereal.  Scrunch up the bag in the middle so the cereal shifts to both sides.  Clip the bat clothespin in the center.


Your easy Halloween bat snack is ready for serving.

What if I Need to Make a Lot of Halloween Snacks?

Most likely, if you decide to make this easy Halloween bat snack, you will need more than one.  I recommend that you make the bat clothespin clips a couple of days before you plan to serve the snacks.

If you have helpers (little hands are great for this craft), set up an assembly line.  Have each person attach a different piece of the bat.  Or attach all of the ears first.  Then, the eyes.  Finally, draw on the mouths.  This is how I created multiple bat clothespin clips very quickly.

When Can I Serve this Halloween Bat Snack?

This easy Halloween bat snack makes a perfect treat for a kids Halloween party or play date.  They are also a fun snack to offer to share with a group.

You can also use this Halloween snack for a classroom Halloween party or hand out as a non-candy treat on Halloween night.   It’s sure to be a favorite in the neighborhood.

If you’re planning a kids Halloween party, have the guests make their own snacks.  You can make the bat clothespin clips in advance and have the kids draw the smiles and fangs on the faces.  Then, they can fill up bags with chocolate cereal and attach the bat clip.

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Planning a Halloween kids party?  Check out all of these great Halloween kids party ideas.  From figuring out how to announce your party to planning the menu, there is everything you need to think about as a Halloween party planner.

And if you love bats, we even created this cool DIY bat decoration inspired by a resident bat we saw once.  It’s the perfect addition to your DIY Halloween décor.

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  1. This is so festive and fun! I love the bat clothespins, they are so cute!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! The bat clothespins are so much fun to make. And you can use them to seal snacks or as a Halloween decoration for the rest of the season. Hope you have an awesome Halloween. Thanks again!

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