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Free Printable Halloween Word Scramble

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Do you remember the joys of paper and pencil party games?  In the time before digital party games became a thing, we used to sit around and play games with nothing more than a piece of paper and pencil.

I know.  Those were the days.

Just kidding.  There is nothing wrong with a good digital game, but I do like the interaction that guests get from paper and pencil games.  There can be lots of discussion, guessing and puzzling thoughts.  And many will also have a rollicking good time.

Paper and pencil games are a great party activity for any celebration.  Birthday parties.  Baby showers. Outdoor parties where digital game options aren’t available.  Classroom celebrations.  Or just moments when you want guests to interact with each other.

They also make fantastic “ice breakers” or “get to know you” activities.  Paper and pencil games encourage guests to have discussion.  Sometimes, when a game is designed well, they force guests to work together to solve the puzzle.  This is a great way to get to know others at the party without any awkwardness.

With Halloween right around the corner, I created a paper and pencil game option for your next kid friendly Halloween party.  This Free Printable Halloween Word Scramble is lots of fun.  It’s the perfect addition to a Halloween classroom party or a Halloween party at home.

You can even transform the Halloween word scramble into a treat for Halloween night or a Trunk or Treat event.  To make as a Halloween treat, print out the Free Printable Halloween Word Scramble.  Roll up each paper and tie with Halloween baker’s twine (affiliate).  Then, add a Halloween pencil, Halloween eraser and stickers (affiliates).

Kids are sure to love a non-candy option on Halloween.  And once they return home, it’s a fun activity to do while munching on all of the candy.


Why Kinds of Words Did You Use?

Choosing words for this Halloween Word Scramble was lots of fun.  Who doesn’t like brainstorming a list of spooky Halloween words?  

I tried to choose an assortment of words – from easy ones to more difficult – for the kids (and maybe adults) to guess.  Of course, I included the classic “pumpkin”.  But, I also added the more complicated “Frankenstein” to the list.

There are 15 words in all that, hopefully, won’t stump you too much.  If so, though, I included an answer sheet to make checking the answers easy.

To use at your Halloween party, print a copy for each guest.  If it’s a kid’s Halloween party, be sure to make a few extra copies for the adults.  They might enjoy playing too and then you have the option without last minute scrambling.

Also, be sure to have plenty of sharpened pencils on hand to play the game with.  For a Halloween party, I like to get special Halloween pencils (affiliate).  Then, I let the guests take them home at the end. 

You can also provide Halloween stickers (affiliate) for kids (or adults) to put on top when they complete the word scramble.

How Do I Print My Halloween Word Scramble?

I designed this Free Printable Halloween Word Scramble game to be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ white copy paper.  

If you prefer, I’ve added the 5″ x 7″ card design as well.  It is formatted 2 cards per an 8.5″ x 11″ page.  This way you can still print on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

Simply print and then trim out the cards individually.  Be sure to check out my favorite paper trimmer.  It’s sure to make the job a breeze (affiliate).

Questions about printing?  Check out our print tips here for easy printing success.

Are you ready to get your Halloween party started?

You can download your Free Printable Halloween Word Scramble here.  Follow the printing directions above.

Or you can download the 5.

Want to have an assortment of paper and pencil games at your Halloween party?

Paper and pencil games can be a lot of fun at any event, but especially around the holidays.  Check out these other pencil and paper games in our shop here.  There is even a Halloween game bundle with an assortment of games to choose from.

If you love this idea and want to save it for later, be sure to pin it below.


Looking for other Halloween ideas for your kids Halloween party?  From delicious Ghost Kabobs to an easy to make Bat Decoration, we have lots of ideas to make your Halloween spooky and fun.  And if you’re hosting your own kids Halloween party this year, you can find lots of ideas for making your celebration a success here.

Happy Celebrating,

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