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DIY Halloween Bead Kit Idea

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Even though the weather hasn’t felt like it lately, the first day of fall has passed and it’s time to start thinking about Halloween.  I love creating special treats for our trick or treaters on Halloween night and I’m excited to share this DIY Halloween bead kit idea.  There’s even a Free Printable Halloween Bead Kit Tag to complete the treat.  

I remember going to our friends’ houses growing up and they would always have two sets of treats – the ones for special visitors such as us and the ones for everyone else.

Those sweet surprises were some of my favorite things during Halloween.  And the creativity that went into them was amazing.  The treats included some bags of goodies or something special that was handmade.  One year, we even got to choose from a plate full of caramel apples.

And to think that it was way before the idea of blogging and social media was even invented.  They had no one to share the idea with except for us.

Keeping in mind how much candy the kids bring home on Halloween night, I created a non-candy treat to share with guests this year.  Inspired by Little Bug’s love for beading, I put together a Halloween bead kit for her friends to enjoy.  We have necklaces scattered all over our house, so why not add a Halloween version to the fun.


This free Halloween printable bead kit tag says “Hope you have a Beadiful Halloween!”.  You can also use the tag on pre-packaged bracelet kits  from the craft store.  I packaged our beading kits in large gumball tubes (affiliate).  Or you can use small plastic 4 inch round tubes if you want to include fewer beads.

You Will Need:

9mm Orange Pony Beads (affiliate)

Black Pony Beads, 9mm (affiliate)

White Pony Beads, 9mm (affiliate)

1 mm Elastic String Cord (affiliate)

Large Gumball Tubes (affiliate)

Free Halloween Printable Bead Kit Tag

Mixing Halloween beads

1. Mix the orange, black and white pony beads in a bowl.  (You can also purchase a pre-mixed bag of beads, but I found mixing them myself resulted in more beads for less cost).

Fill the tube with the beads.  About 180 beads fits inside one tube.

2.  Cut a long piece (up to 24 inches) of white elastic cord.  Wrap up the cord and slip it into the tube.

Attaching tag to Halloween beading kit

3.  Attach our free Halloween printable “Beadiful” favor tag with orange and white baker’s twine or ribbon.  You can use a mini clothespin (affiliate) to hang the tag from the twine.


These Halloween bead kits would be the perfect addition for your own children’s gifts on Halloween, Halloween party favors or even classroom treats.  You can also hand them out to extra special trick or treaters on Halloween night.


If you are looking for other additions to your Halloween treat giving fun, check out our Halloween favor tags and treat bag toppers.  They are fun to fill and are sure to make your house one of the most memorable on the block this holiday!

Happy Celebrating,


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