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DIY Halloween Ribbon Garland



It’s that time of year again. When I venture into the basement and dig out all of my favorite Halloween decorations. Even though I have my tried and true favorites when decorating for the holidays, one of my favorite things about holidays is creating new decorations. Simple DIY projects give your yearly decorating staples a new life. So, in honor of Halloween, this week is being dedicated to decorating for Halloween.

I’m always looking for new ways to decorate our fireplace mantel.  From hanging party buntings to displaying candleholders, the creative possibilities with this architectural detail are endless.  After finding some inspiration on Etsy, I created an easy DIY Halloween ribbon garland to string along our mantel. I combined an assortment of beautiful orange, black, green and cream patterned ribbons to create this long lasting and beautiful Halloween ribbon garland.

You Will Need:

2 to 2.5 inch wide Orange, black, green and white ribbon
Glue dots

A quick tip on ribbon – Instead of selecting traditional patterned Halloween ribbons (such as candy corn, witches or pumpkins), focus on finding more subtle patterns in orange, black, green or purple.  Patterns could include chevron, Greek key or striped. Look for ribbon that is not wired for easier folding.  Grosgrain ribbon is also best since it is stiffer and creates more solid loops when folding.


1. Cut the ribbon into 8 inch pieces.


Make 12 to 15 pieces of each color depending on how long you want your garland.


2. To make the chain, fold one piece of ribbon into a circle. Place two glue dots on the end of one piece and attach the other side to form a ring.


3. Slide the next piece of ribbon through the first loop.


Add two more glue dots to create a ring. Continue linking up the ribbon rings until the garland is the desired length.


After I hung our garland up on the mantel, Mr. Mountaineer came in.  He asked where I had gotten such a pretty decoration.  It looked so “sophisticated”.  I had to laugh – didn’t most of our decorations look “sophisticated”.  Mr. Mountaineer was convinced it was a kit from the Paper Source.  With a compliment like that, I have to declare this DIY project a success!

Happy Celebrating,

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