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Polka Dot Halloween Candle Vases


One of my favorite decorations for any holiday is the candleholder. Clear glass vessels are so easy to find (you can even get them at a Dollar Store). From the plain glass vessel you can add paint, embellishments or even glass etching like I did with my Thanks candleholders last Thanksgiving. And although these polka dot Halloween candle vases hold water instead of candles, they still take their origin from the traditional candle holder.

Inspired by Matthew Mead’s Halloween candleholders, I created polka dot Halloween candle vase.  I combined different sized polka dots and orange dyed water to create a festive combination.  It’s the perfect addition for any Halloween themed mantel, party tablescape or even dessert table.

You Will Need:

Black cardstock
3/4″ circle punch
1 1/2″ circle punch
Clear glass candleholders
Glue Dots


1. Punch out a variety of black dots from cardstock using the 3/4″ and 1 1/2″ circle punches.


2. Place 1 to 2 glue dots on the back of each polka dot.


Attach onto the clear vase in a scattered arrangement.


3. Fill each vase with water. Add 4 to 5 drops of orange dye. Stir with a paint brush to make a bright orange. (Don’t like orange water? They look just as pretty lit with a candle!)


Now, aren’t those festive! Display your polka dot Halloween vases on a mantel or as a centerpiece for Halloween tablescape.

You could also add some white carnations and watch them turn a pale orange as they absorb the colored water.  Why not turn your Halloween party decor into a science experiment?

The good news is that these vase are super simple to make.  I am thinking about scattering them throughout the house – any where the kids can’t reach them!

Happy Celebrating,

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