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Halloween Fingerprint Pumpkin Patch Cards


One of the last projects I’m working on this week is creating this year’s Halloween cards. As I’ve mentioned before, going to the card store has become quite an experience that usually ends with a lot of card throwing. So, I’ve started to find creative ways to create my own cards at home such as our DIY birthday cards.

My favorite part about making our own cards is adding a touch from the kids. This year we created some Halloween fingerprint pumpkin patch cards using some very special orange fingerprints. 


It was so much fun using our fingerprints to make these adorable little pumpkins.  And we loved thinking up adorable little faces to put on our jack o’lanterns.  They reminded me a little bit of the poem “Five Little Pumpkins”.  I’m sure that our friends and family are going to love receiving them in the mail this Halloween.  Everyone enjoys a little snail mail (as proven in our Letter Writing Challenge).

You Will Need:

Free Printable Happy Halloween Cards
scoring board (affiliate) – This is my favorite since the scoring knife is kept with it… less to find.  Or try this mini version if you need to save space. (affiliate)
washable orange paint (affiliate)
washable green paint (affiliate)
thin black marker
little hands willing to help

1. Print out our Free Printable Happy Halloween Cards on heavy white cardstock.  Cut the cards out.  Score the card down the middle and fold to create a greeting card.


2. Sponge paint a green background below the Happy Halloween greeting. Let dry.


3. Help your child dip one finger in orange paint and press it on the card. Continue making pumpkins until your card is filled.  Just a note… depending on your little ones age, there’s a good chance pumpkins might end up in mid-air or orange streaks fly across the sky.  I’m just telling everyone it is part of the art!


Let the paint dry.


4.  Once your pumpkins are dry, draw jack o’lantern faces on them.  Send your Halloween fingerprint pumpkin patch cards to someone special!


These cards are such a fun craft to make with your kids and a great way to create a lasting memory for friends and family.

Looking for some more Halloween fun using your fingerprints?  Check out these fun spider thumbprint Halloween cards.  The googly eyes and adorable little thumbprints made them quite popular. 

Or add some fun to your Halloween decorations with this easy to make Halloween bat decoration.  He is perfect to fly from a chandelier, dessert table backdrop or fireplace mantel.  We even named him Bertie.

Happy Celebrating,

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