How to Assemble Straw Flags

How to make straw flags

One of my favorite items that we sell at our shop are paper straw flags.  Although just putting out a set of pretty patterned straws on the drink table can make a statement, I find adding a sweet little flag to the top can really dress things up.  It can transform an ordinary straw into a party decoration. With so many designs, colors and messages, these flags are a fantastic way to transform an ordinary straw into a party decoration.  You can even get them personalized with your name or wedding date!

Luckily straw flags are really easy to assemble.  All you need are some scissors, double sided tape or glue dots and a printed set of flags.  This is also a great activity to do with the kids as party day gets near.  Here’s how to assemble straw flags.

You Will Need:

Printed set of straw flags
Paper straws, dessert sticks or other party decoration to attach them to
Double sided tape or glue dots

1.  Print out your set of straw flags.

Cut out each straw flag.  A trick to cutting out the triangle… cut a little further than you have to and then turn back around.

2.  Place a glue dot or piece of double sided tape in the center of the back of the straw flag.  Place the straw on top of the glue dot or tape.

3.  Fold the flag around the straw.  Add another piece of tape or glue dot to the inside edge of the straw to seal it together.

How to make straw flags

Your straws are now dressed for the party!  These mustache straw flags I used at last weekend’s little man sip and see for Baby M.  Our guests loved playing with the mustaches.  Our mustache straw flags are now available in our shop as a digital download.  I recommend printing them on kraft brown paper to get a vintage look.

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