Free printable last day of school sign

Could it possibly be that time of year again?  When the birds are chirping and my inbox is being filled with summer camp announcements?  That’s right.  The last day of school is upon us.  So, it’s time to download our free printable last day of school chalkboard sign.

To be honest, I am really looking forward to this summer vacation.  I can’t wait to break away from our daily routine of making lunches, doing homework and getting to extracurricular activities.  I look forward to trading that all in for at least a few lazy days on a chaise lounger in the backyard.  (Ask me how I feel a couple of weeks into our summer holiday and we will see if I change my mind.)

I am excited to share a new free printable with you today (I know it has been way too long).  I have created a Last Day of School Chalkboard Sign to add to your last day of the school photos.  When we started our school journey in preschool, I did not use any signs in my first and last day of school photo ops.  As I have started to organize my photos in the past year, it has been very confusing.  The years have started rolling together and I wasn’t sure which photos belonged at the beginning of the school year and which ones marked the end of school year.

That got me to thinking that it might be time to add signage to my photos.  I love chalkboard sign designs, so I decided to create one with lots of color.  I used rainbow stripes and chalkboard stars.  And don’t forget some paper clip confetti.  It is a celebration isn’t it?  (At least for some!)

Free printable last day of school chalkboard sign

You can download your free printable last day of school chalkboard sign here.

Interested in a more custom last day of school signs?  Now that the kids are starting “real” school, I am adding customized school signs to their end of the year photos (and we are planning a set to celebrate back to school this year too).  This will let me keep track of the passing years (tissues by my side, of course), but also organize the photos later on without getting too confused.

Because, as many of you know, I am the worst photo organizer in the world. (I might need to make myself a mug that says that.)  They are just begging to get off my digital camera and past camera cards.  Guilty as charged.  On a side note, this is one of my traits Mr. Mountaineer HATES and I am working to improve.

You can find customized last day of school signs in our shop here.

And lastly, how do you feel about the end of the school year?  Do you anticipate the summer with excitement or dread the many days ahead being the sole entertainer of a wild bunch?  Either way, here’s to a wonderful summer ahead (even if you find yourself standing on your head more times than not!)

Happy Celebrating,


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