How to Make a Party Welcome Sign

How to make a party welcome signWelcome to Party Craft Wednesday!  A new series on our blog where we show you a simple party crafting how to once a week.  To start, we are going to focus on putting together printables.  The truth is that printables haven’t always been my favorite party crafts.  But over the past two years, I have learned the tricks to easily assembling these custom paper print outs to make at pretty party decorations.

Party printables have transformed my events into custom beautiful get-togethers.  They have become a joy to make and have allowed me to add a special touch to any celebration – big or small.  With a few simple tools, you can also create gorgeous printables for your events.  So, let’s get started with how to make a party welcome sign.

There’s no better way to greet party guests than with good signage. Clear signs can make guests feel welcome, tell them about the delicious foods you’re serving and even show them where the bathroom is. But these days, signs no longer need to be just utilitarian. They can also be beautiful and match your party theme.

One of my favorite party signs is the welcome sign. It’s usually the first sign your guests will see and it sets the tone for the rest of your celebration. And unlike other signage that you just stick in a frame or place on the table, the welcome sign needs to be made extra pretty. Here are some basic steps to assembling a beautiful welcome sign for your next event.

You Will Need:

A printed welcome sign
Cardstock in a matching color
Glue dots or other adhesive
Ribbon, twine or yarn

Scissors or paper cutter
Paper punch


1. Print out your welcome sign on heavy cardstock.  Cut out using scissors or a paper cutter.  A quick note – you do not need a paper cutter to cut out any of the party printables, but they do make your job easier and allow for more accurate cutting.  If you create printables often, you might consider adding this important tool to your collection.  Although I’ve been through a number of paper cutters since starting Katarina’s Paperie, the Swingline Classic Cut is my favorite.


2. Line up the sign with a corner of the cardstock leaving a half inch border. Cut around the rest of the sign continuing the half inch border.


3. Decide where to place your holes for hanging your sign. Mark the location on the back of your sign with a pencil. Punch the holes in the sign.


4. Cut a piece of ribbon, twine or yarn. Be sure you leave enough length to make a bow. Thread your ribbon through both of the holes.


5. Tie a bow at the top of your sign. Hang your sign at the party entrance to welcome guests as they arrive.

A few other tips to keep in mind…

When choosing a place to hang your sign, put in a spot guests are sure to see it. Some ideas are to hang it on the front door, place on a mailbox or set on an entrance table.

Cut ribbon, twine or yarn longer rather than shorter. it’s always easier to cut than add on.

Choose a smaller hole punch if possible. It helps hide the holes on the sign and make your sign look even prettier.

Happy Celebrating,


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