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Free Printable Rainbow Seeds Topper

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Free Printable Rainbow Seeds Treat Bag Topper

If I had to choose my favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day it wouldn’t be the leprechauns.  Those sneaky little fellows wouldn’t even make my top five list.  I think my favorite thing about this holiday is all of the rainbows.  No matter where I look – social media, party blogs, craft project ideas – rainbows are everywhere.  And why not?  Rainbows are pretty and cool.

So I thought I would add to the rainbow fun with our new free printable rainbow seeds treat bag topper.  I’m not sure of the origin of the rainbow seeds, except that I’m convinced (and have convinced my littles) that if planted, rainbows will grow from them.

I also told them that the leprechaun came early and delivered these treats at their breakfast spots last night.  I love the age when kids believe everything.  Story telling is so much more fun.


Whatever tale you decide to tell, these free printable rainbow seeds treat bags are fun treats to give to classmates on St. Patrick’s Day, neighbor’s children as a sweet treat or even pass out to your child’s teachers.  To make your own set of treat bags, choose your favorite rainbow colored candy.

Some ideas include jelly beans (plentiful this time of year and they have a seed like shape, although there isn’t any blue), Skittles or chocolate covered sunflower seeds (a little more expensive, but sticks to the idea of planting seeds).  If you live in Canada, Smarties would also be a wonderful candy to use.


Download your free printable rainbow seeds treat bag topper.  Print, cut and assemble on top of snack sized baggies.  You can find detailed instructions for creating your treat bags in our tutorial here.


Want to save this free printable for later?  Pin it here.


Surprise your child’s teachers, friends, party guests or even your kids with your rainbow seeds treat bags for St. Patrick’s Day.  Just make sure you remind them that they can eat the candies inside.  My kids, in particular, might really think that they are supposed to plant them!

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