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The Easiest Whipped Frosting in the World

Whipped Frosted Cake

Although I wish I had time to always whip up frosting from scratch, there are days when you just need a cake.  Where the frosting comes from becomes secondary.

Putting together the photography for Katarina’s Paperie has created many of those days.  One of the many truths about starting a party boutique is that you always need sweet stuff as props for the photos on hand.  I feel like I’m always making a cake or set of cupcakes these days.

I love the look of whipped frosting, but I find it’s flat when it comes directly from a store bought container.  Instead simply mixing together some regular canned frosting with refrigerated Cool Whip creates the most decadent fluffy icing mixture in the world.  It takes about two minutes to make this easiest whipped frosting and will leave your cakes glossy white.

What You Need:

1 Can of Regular Vanilla Frosting

1 Container of Cool Whip

What to Do:

Mix together the can of frosting with the container of Cool Whip.  The frosting will be light and fluffy.  Put frosting in the freezer for about ten minutes.  Ice your cake or cupcakes.

It’s that simple.  You’ll never have a dull, flat looking cake again – I promise.  Now that the post’s up, there’s a cake to eat.

Happy Celebrating,


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