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One of the first advent calendars I ever tried with my kids was an activity a day advent calendar.  Every day for the month of December, I wrote down an activity to do together.  These ranged from simple (read a story) to more complicated (go ice skating).

In the end, the entire plan proved too difficult.  Amidst all of the other Christmas have-tos, adding in an extra activity daily was almost impossible.

There had to be an easier way.

So recently when I was planning our elf antics for the season, I realized what a great announcer our elf Fritz could be.  Usually each season there are a handful of activities that we love to do.  You know the family traditions – baking cookies, making ornaments and going on a Christmas lights scavenger hunt.

Suddenly it occurred to me.  Why couldn’t Fritz deliver the good news that this was the day?

The kids would love to find out that morning that they were doing something special.  And then I could plan the events based on weather and mood.  Because let’s be honest, some days I just don’t feel like going ice skating or there isn’t enough snow to hit the sledding trails.


In order to deliver his special announcement, I created this Download.  Each sign measures 3″ x 3.5″.  It’s the perfect size for an elf.

You can download your Free Printable Elf Sign here.

How Do I Make my Elf Sign

To make your elf sign, print the design on medium to heavy white cardstock (affiliate).  Trim your sign using scissors or a paper cutter (affiliate).

Then, write down the activity for the day.  If you prefer disguising your handwriting with a computer font, be sure to check out the editable version of this sign in our shop.  With unlimited downloads, you can use the sign many times throughout the season and in the Christmas seasons to come.

After you have filled out the sign, set it by your Christmas elf that morning.  I used a mini easel to prop it up on (affiliate).


What are Some Christmas Activities that We Can Do?

With the holidays upon us, it can sometimes be hard to think of different things that you can do together.  The best part about holiday activities is that they don’t need to cost much money.

In our family, I make it a goal to get all of our Christmas shopping out of the way by Thanksgiving.  This gives us the month of December to enjoy everything else that the holidays have to offer.  This leaves us time to have our elf plan holiday activities for us.

Some Christmas activities that your elf can plan include:

  • baking cookies
  • making ornaments
  • going ice skating
  • decorating the tree
  • getting the tree
  • visiting Santa
  • decorating gingerbread houses
  • wrapping gifts
  • seeing the Christmas lights
  • having a Christmas campout
  • writing letters to Santa
  • watching Christmas movies
  • read the Christmas story

You could also use the sign for the elf to deliver some instructions.  One idea is to say “choose five toys to give away to others” or “do an act of kindness”.  My kids seem to be much more motivated to give away some of their toys they aren’t playing with when the request comes from the elf (and Santa).  Plus, this is a great way to clear out the excess before Santa delivers new stuff this holiday.

Can I Use this Sign More than Once?

Although you won’t want to overuse this Free Printable Elf Sign, you can definitely plan multiple elf days with it.  Choose a couple of activities that you want to do together and then have the elf announce them.

Just be sure to move the elf to a new location each time.  That way he doesn’t get too predictable.  When you’re doing your elf planning, you can write what the elf sign will say and where the elf will be.  This will ensure that you don’t repeat locations by mistake.


How Do I Start an Elf Tradition?

Hosting a Christmas elf for the season is a beautiful way to build memories with your kids.  Although we were a little late to jump on board (I will admit I had been abandoning the elf idea for years), the pandemic caused me to want to add some excitement to our holidays last year.

It has been so much fun having a Christmas elf in the house.  I love coming up with creative ideas for him to do and seeing the kids glee as they search for him each morning.

To start your own elf tradition, you will need an elf.  I am partial to the traditional Elf on the Shelf, but you could also find an elf in a vintage shop.  Or host one of these kindness elves to spread good tidings. (affiliates)

Looking for other Christmas elf ideas?  Be sure to check out our blog for lots of other elf antics to enjoy.  This season, your elf can play Elf Ring Toss.  Or he can send everyone on a hunt for candy canes with this Free Printable Elf Scavenger Hunt.  There are also lots of Christmas elf ideas on our Christmas Elf Fun board here.

Love this elf sign and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


You can download your Free Printable Elf Sign here.  And if you’re interested in a version that you can edit, be sure to check out the editable one in our shop.

Wishing you a fantastic Christmas elf season ahead.

Happy Celebrating,


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