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Valentine’s Day Candy Bracelets

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I recently came across a candy bracelets kit when I was searching for Valentine’s Day baking supplies. They brought back found memories of buying candy necklaces and bracelets at the candy store. There was a childhood thrill of munching on your jewelry for the afternoon. I also loved the convenience of not having to search around my pockets for candy.

These Valentine’s Day candy bracelets are a great activity for a party or to be made for a favor. They have mini white charms that you can personalize with your initials or a small picture. The kit also includes a food safe marker, but for a party you can purchase bigger ones in a range of colors.


The individual packets of beads are pretty tiny, so I opened them up and poured the assortment into a bigger bowl for a better selection.

Activity Time

1. Decorate the white charms using the food safe markers.

2. Lay out the elastic bands. I strung five inches of beads for a child’s bracelet and six and a half inches for an adult’s.

3. String the beads onto the elastic, keeping the string flat so the beads don’t fall off. Make patterns, use only certain colors, or just string them on. Don’t forget to mix in your candy charms!

4. Carefully pick up both ends of your bracelet. Check the size and adjust if necessary. Tie a knot using both ends of the string.

Wear your candy bracelet, eat it, or give it as a Valentine’s Day treat. Whatever you choose to do, you will bask in the sugary goodness of edible jewelry.

Looking for a Valentine’s Day candy bracelet kit?  Check out these fun ones here (affiliate).

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  1. This would be such a fun birthday party idea! Kids would love it. I think there should be a grown up version. I love the idea of my snacks accessible at all times.

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