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Flakilicious Gum and Free Winter Candy Circles Printable

I think the fact that the crocuses are blooming and the trees revealed flower buds yesterday means that spring has arrived early.  I hope, considering that it’s the beginning of March, that some of you are still enjoying the last bit of winter.  I love winter.  From hitting the ski slopes to warming up with hot cocoa afterwards, I think it’s a wonderful season as long as it keeps itself pretty brief.

Unfortunately, winter never did arrive this year except for some random snow showers.  It was kind of sad. My best friend did get to celebrate her 30th birthday hitting the slopes of the Alps in Switzerland, though.  Pretty exciting stuff.  I designed a party treats package to help with the celebration.  I shared the marshmallow moguls I made a few weeks ago, so today I wanted to show you the rest of the winter treats.

My friend’s favorite candy is Bubbilicious gum.  She stocks up on it every time she comes over here (although, I think they sell it in London now, so she no longer has to stuff her suitcase full of it!).  In keeping with theme, I dressed up the gum pieces and created a Flakilicious variety.  I started with white cardstock punched snowflakes and added a rhinestone to the center of each snowflake.  Then, I attached one snowflake to each side of the gum pieces. I got the effect I was looking for – snowing gum.

She’s also a fan of chocolate.  Being from Europe, she has her choice of some of the finest chocolatiers in the world.  But sometimes, my friend even finds a sweet spot for some American chocolate – especially my usual chocolate go to Hershey Kisses.  I designed alpine candy circles to go on the bottom of the Kisses.  Because she is French, I added a Joyeux 30e so both her English and French friends could feel at home at the party. In case you want to winterize some of your Hershey Kisses before its too late, I’ve included a set of free printable winter candy circles for you to print out.  For the perfect print, use 3/4 inch circle labels.

Of course, I included a few other fun surprises.  But I won’t share those, though… she might be reading.

Happy Celebrating,


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  1. So thoughtful and so fun! I’m sure these great ideas made your friend’s day extra special!

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