Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament

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Although I usually decorate for Christmas using traditional reds and greens, I do find other Christmas color palettes very romantic.  Lately, there has been a rebirth of pastel Christmas colors.  I keep seeing them flash by on my Instagram feed, so they must be popular this year.

They remind me of the Nutcracker ballet.  The ballerinas twirling across the stage in their light pink and purple costumes.  With some pale greens mixed in, especially during the Sugarplum Dreams waltz or in the Christmas trees that adorn the stage’s set.

When I created a Nutcracker party a few years ago, I envisioned a newly minted dancer celebrating their debut in the ballet.  I could feel their excitement about performing on stage for the very first time.

As I chose the colors to set the scene for that invitation, pastel greens, pinks and purples became the star.  They made you dream about dancing sugar plums and Christmas wishes come true.

It’s these colors that inspired this Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament.  I chose a mint green yarn (affiliate) from the knitting aisle and light pink and purple pom poms for decorations.  The paper mache tree cones make an easy base to wrap the yarn around to create a beautiful Christmas tree. (affiliate)


This ornament craft is perfect to make at a Christmas party.  Plan it for your ornament making party or have it as an activity at a Nutcracker themed Christmas party.

You can also make it as a new Christmas decoration for your own tree.  Maybe it can commemorate your child’s first dancing or viewing of The Nutcracker.

Or if you’re performing in The Nutcracker this year, this yarn wrapped tree ornament makes a great activity to make as a cast.  Craft them together or give them as a thank you to your fellow cast members.

Another idea is to use them as gift box toppers.  Ornaments make beautiful adornments to your Christmas packaging.  These yarn wrapped Christmas trees would coordinate with a kraft wrapping paper or pastel Christmas colors. (affiliate)

Can I Change the Colors?

If lighter Christmas colors aren’t your thing, you can definitely use a more traditional color palette to make these yarn wrapped Christmas tree ornaments.  Choose a darker green yarn and red pom pom decorations instead.  You can hang the ornament with a solid white ribbon or even a red.


How to Make Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornaments

You Will Need:

Mint Green Yarn (affiliate)

Small Light Pink and Lavender Pom Poms (affiliate)

Paper Mache Tree Cones (affiliate)

Star Punch (affiliate – optional)

Gold Glitter Cardstock (affiliate – optional)

Hanging Ribbon – I used a decorative white, but any kind can work

Clear Matte Mod Podge (affiliate)

Small Foam Brush (affiliate)

Glue Gun (affiliate)

1.  To start your yarn wrapped Christmas tree ornament, cover the paper mache cone with a thin coating of Mod Podge (affiliate).  Attach the end of the yarn at the base of the cone.

Then, tightly wrap the yarn around the cone to create a single layer of yarn all of the way up.  If your glue doesn’t seem thick enough to secure the yarn, you can add more.  Just don’t add too much glue or it will become gloppy.

2.  Continue to wrap the yarn in a single layer around the cone until you’ve wrapped up to the top.

3.  Once you’ve reached the top, wrap the yarn back down the cone.  When wrapping down the tree, you don’t need to be too precise.  The more your yarn wanders, the fluffier and more realistic your tree will look.

4.  After you’ve finished wrapping the cone, cut the yarn. Secure the end at the bottom of the cone.

5.  Measure a piece of ribbon to wrap around the bottom of the tree.  Use a glue gun to attach it.  This will give the base of your tree a finished look.

6.  Decorate your Christmas tree with pink and purple pom poms.

7.  Measure a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long.  Fold in half.  Glue one end to the front of the tree and the other end to the back of the tree.

8.  Punch two stars out of gold glitter cardstock.  Attach to the top of the tree – one of the front of the ribbon and one on the back.

Hang your yarn wrapped Christmas tree ornament on your favorite Christmas tree or give as a gift.


Can you Make this Ornament as a Group?

Although many of the crafts that I feature here are perfect for a group, this one might be more complicated.  When I made these ornaments, I used my own ball of yarn.  It is difficult to estimate how much yarn each ornament needs, so I found it easier to wind the yarn on the cone directly from the skein.

If you want to make these as a group, you could purchase a ball of yarn for each person.  Or guests could take turns and share a number of skeins of yarn.

One last option is to pre-wrap one tree (without gluing) and estimate how much yarn the tree will need.  Be liberal with your measurements since everyone will wrap the tree differently.  Then, you can give guests that amount of yarn for the craft.

You will also need a couple of glue guns for easy assembly (affiliate).  Be sure to warm them up in advance of making the craft so they are ready to use.


Is this a Good Christmas Craft for Kids?

If your child loves gluing, then this is the perfect Christmas craft for her.  Kids will enjoy smearing on the Mod Podge glue and wrapping the yarn around the cone.

Depending on how big their fingers are and patience level, they may need some help getting the yarn started around the base of the cone.  Once the yarn is wrapped, they can glue on the decorations using a low-temp glue gun (affiliate).  Or even use traditional craft glue (affiliate) if they’re really little and glue guns aren’t safe yet.

Love this idea and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


Looking for other ornament craft ideas?  Check out these delicious scented cinnamon stick ornaments.  Or make these Christmas pasta ornaments at your next play date.  There are lots of other ornament craft ideas on our blog here.

Happy Celebrating,

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