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As you’ve probably figured out by now, I love non-candy Valentine ideas.  From this Heart Crayon Valentine to these Valentine Pencil Arrows, if I can avoid handing kids even more candy on Valentine’s Day, I will.

I think it’s because of Halloween.  All of the candy that comes through our house during that holiday.  It’s unbelievable.

And although we donate and give away a lot of it, I think the excessive quantities ruins me for every other holiday until Easter.  I just want to avoid more candy.  Even those sweet little Valentine candy hearts.

So when I start to brainstorm different classroom Valentine ideas, I focus on non-candy ones.  But what I hadn’t considered was creating a healthy Valentine.

Usually, I’m just looking to just hand out trinkets.  They are so easy to find in big box stores.

So, I was really excited to create these Applesauce Valentines.  It’s perfect for giving a healthy snack this Valentine’s Day.  And kids are going to love how you creatively dress up the container as a apple.

Another promise.  After all of that Valentine candy, kids will love having something sweet and delicious to enjoy on the way home.


The First Rule of Classroom Valentines

When thinking up classroom Valentine ideas, I start with things that can be purchased in quantity for a reasonable amount.  Most class sizes are pretty big these days.  And it can get expensive providing every child with a little something.

This is why candy is so popular.  You can easily buy it in bulk and distribute it.

The great news about applesauce is that you can also buy it in larger quantities.  They come in packs of six at our supermarket, but I bet the discount stores like Costco sell it in even larger sets.

When choosing your classroom Valentines, select items that can be purchased in larger numbers.  It will let your dollars go further and make sure that everyone gets a special Valentine to enjoy.


Two Kinds of Applesauce Valentines Ideas

For these applesauce Valentines, I designed two different ways to add a tag. 

One is to attach the apple shaped tag directly to a container or squeeze pouch.  To make them extra cute, I wrapped up the applesauce container into an apple.  Check out my easy how to below.

If time is an issue, you can also just attach the tag to the top or even a squeeze pouch.  


For the other design, I made a 3 inch label.  It fits perfectly on top of the applesauce container.

To make the label, print them out on full white label paper (affiliate) and cut out.  You can also use a 3 inch round paper punch for easy cutting (affiliate).

Love these applesauce Valentine tags?  Be sure to check them out in our shop here.  You can also find an assortment of other Valentines to choose from.  There are lots of ideas to make your Valentines feel special this Valentine’s Day.


How to Make Applesauce Valentines

When I looked at the applesauce container, my first thought was how to transform it into an apple.  With a few simple supplies, they turned out so cute.  Your Valentines will love them.

You Will Need

Red and Green Tissue Paper (try your local dollar store or Hobby Lobby)

Brown Pipe Cleaners (affiliate)


Green and Cherry Red Cotton Baker’s Twine (affiliate)

1. Place the applesauce container in the center of a sheet of tissue paper.  Gather the tissue paper around the container.  Scrunch the tissue paper in the center.  Secure with a piece of coordinating baker’s twine around the middle.

2.  Twist the bunched up tissue paper into a stalk.  Trim to about 2.5 inches tall.

3.  Wrap the stalk of tissue paper with a brown pipe cleaner.  You will need two pipe cleaners to completely cover the stem of the apple.


4.  Attach your applesauce Valentine tag.  If you don’t want to use a tag, cut a leaf shape out of green cardstock.  Attach to the top of the apple as a finishing touch.

Use your Applesauce Valentines for classroom Valentines, a Valentine exchange party, preschool Valentine party or even as a favor at your Valentine’s Day party.


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