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Free Printable Beach Scavenger Hunt

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The beach.  Oh, how I love to visit the beach.  Sand between my toes (and sandwich).  Jumping in the waves.  And building decorative sand castles that you hope won’t get washed away.  But know they will.  Eventually.

Although we love going to the beach, I like to have other activities on hand too.  After a day in the sun and sand, the kids sometimes need a break.

That’s where this Free Printable Beach Scavenger Hunt comes in handy.  It’s the perfect alternative activity to building another sand castle.

Or if you are hosting a beach birthday party, this is a fun party activity for guests to enjoy.


We love scavenger hunts in our family.  I pack nature scavenger hunts when going on a hike.  Or we enjoy a color scavenger hunt in the backyard.  During the fall, we search the neighborhood for different types of pumpkins.  And at Christmas, we drive around looking for Christmas lights.

Even our elf likes to set up a scavenger hunt or two.

Scavenger hunts have become a thing around here.

Which is why no one was surprised when I pulled this beach scavenger hunt out of my backpack.


What Do We Need to Find?

On the scavenger hunt, I included 20 common items found at the beach.  A short walk around lead us to most of them.  We just couldn’t find a beach ball.  Probably because it was pretty windy.  You could always change that one to just any kind of ball.

The crab can also be harder to find.  Keep your eyes open.  One might scurry by your chair or be found when digging in the sand.  If you still have trouble locating one, you can always look for a crab toy or motif.  It doesn’t have to be a crawling crab.

For our scavenger hunts, I use mini clipboards to give a solid back for writing (affiliate).  These make it a lot easier for the kids to play.  They also have attached pens, so it’s simple to find something to write with.  Especially if they are on the move.


How Do I Make the Beach Scavenger Hunt?

You can download your Free Printable Beach Scavenger Hunt here.

The scavenger hunt measures 5″ x 7″ card.  There are two cards laid out on a letter sized page.

Print your scavenger hunt cards on medium white cardstock (affiliate).  You can find more printing tips here.

Then, trim out your cards with a paper trimmer (affiliate) or scissors.

Attach the cards to a mini clipboard (affiliate) or just bring them in the beach bag.

What if I Want to Award a Prize?

Scavenger hunts are just a fun activity in our family.  No prize necessary.

But if you would like to award a prize, you definitely can.  I have given ice cream and popsicles for completed cards.  Summer themed candy also makes a delicious prize that the winner can share (affiliate).

You could also surprise the winner with a new game to play together.  A ring toss game, waterproof playing cards or Velcro paddle toss can be great games to play at the beach (affiliates).  Or award a new set of sand toys (affiliate).

When choosing a prize, I find something small that I can award everyone with or something that can be enjoyed by a group are the best options.


How Can I Use this with a Group?

A scavenger hunt is a great group activity.  It’s a wonderful way to encourage kids (and adults) to work together.

Before starting the hunt, divide the group into teams.  Then, have them hunt for the items.  The first team to find all of the items on the list wins.


Still need a beach scavenger hunt?  Download your Free Printable Beach Scavenger Hunt here.

Love this printable and want to save for later?  Be sure to pin me here.


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And most importantly – enjoy your beach vacation.

Happy Celebrating,

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