Paper Flower Cupcake Toppers

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“Are not flowers the stars of the Earth?” asks Clare Balfour in her inspirational quote. (affiliate)

Yes.  Yes, they are.

Flowers can also be the star of the party.

When I am styling an event – especially one in the spring – flowers naturally become my centerpiece.  I place arrangements in pretty canisters on the table.  Petals are strewn on shelves.  And flower blossoms pop up from unexpected places.

It turns out that flowers are so beautiful to decorate with and make a great accessory to any event décor.


But working with real flowers is not always ideal.  Sometimes it’s hard to find fresh flowers – especially if your backyard isn’t bursting with blooms yet.  And flowers can wilt quickly, especially on a hot day.

The great news is that not all flowers you use at a party have to be real, tangible objects that you have to remember to water.  You can also have some fun with paper flowers.


Such as these paper flower cupcake toppers.  They are a delight to make and add a whimsical top to spring desserts.  They recently adorned dirt pudding cups at a spring play date that I hosted for the kids.

You can also put them in other mini desserts to add some springtime fun to a garden celebration or tea party.  They’re a great way to make your party treats bloom.

How to Make Paper Flower Cupcake Toppers

You Will Need

Variety of Colored Cardstock (affiliate)

Green Paper Straws (affiliate)

1 1/2 inch Circle Punch (affiliate)

3/4 inch Circle Punch (affiliate)

White Glue or Glue Dots (affiliate)

Decorative Washi Tape


1. Prepare the flower pieces before starting construction.  Determine how many paper flower cupcake toppers you want to make.  You will need the following pieces to make each topper.

Tulip Flower

One tulip flower piece – This is a half circle with a zig zag border on the top.  Measuring about 3 inches wide.  To make the tulip flower piece, you can draw a basic tulip shape (see above) on another piece of cardstock.  Cut out and use as your template.  Then, trace the tulip shape onto the desired colored cardstock and cut out.

Two leaves – The shape for the leaves is a tear drop.  Each leaf measures about 2 inches from end to end.

Traditional Flower

Two 1 1/2 inch circles – The circle is best made punched with a 1 1/2 inch circle punch.

Eight 1/2 inch circles – These circles are also best made punched with a circle punch.

Two leaves – Same as the leaves for the tulip flower.


2.  Assemble the traditional flower.  On the back of the 2 inch circle cut out, place a bead of glue.  Attach the smaller circles around the edge.  Let dry.

3.  Cut the paper straw in half to make a stem.  Glue onto the back of the flower piece.  Attach two leaves in the middle of the stem.  Let dry.

4.  Once dry, attach the second circle on top of the straw stem.  Let dry.

5.  Time to put together the tulip flower.  Attach the tulip flower to the base of the paper straw with a piece of washi tape.  Then, you don’t have to wait for it to dry and it makes the back more decorative.


6.  Add the leaves to the middle of the paper straw.  Let dry.

Once your paper flower cupcake toppers are completely dry, they are ready to use.  Add to cupcakes for a springtime touch.  Or place in the top of mini desserts – tarts, brownie bites or mini cheesecakes.

They are sure to make any party dessert bloom.  And guests will love to take home such a pretty adornment as a souvenir of your celebration.

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If you are planning a spring celebration, check out our blog for lots of other spring party ideas.  You can make moss covered numbers for a garden birthday.  Or add height to DIY bird houses to make a fun backdrop on your dessert table.  And these chalkboard planters make a great party favor or gift.  There are so many ways to celebrate spring.

Happy Celebrating,

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