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When I went trick or treating as a kid, there were two treats that stood out above all of the other special goodies I received during the night.

Money and water bottles.

Money was always a nice surprise – and albeit it was normally only a few cents – it probably was cheaper to hand out than candy.  And who doesn’t want to get rid of all their spare change.

The other treat that I loved, believe it or not, was a water bottle.

It was actually a pretty practical treat.  There came a time during the night when all of the walking, snacking and talking made us really thirsty.  I was always grateful if I had a water bottle in my treat bag to grab for those moments so I wouldn’t have to wait until I got home.

Instead of just handing out plain water bottles this Halloween night, give yours some extra pizzazz with our free printable pumpkin water bottle labels.  Each water bottle label features a different pumpkin face design.

There are smiley pumpkins, grouchy pumpkins, frightful pumpkins and lots of pumpkins in between.  They are sure to get all of your little goblins in the Halloween spirit.  And why not let them choose their favorite jack o’lantern?

To assemble, print your free printable pumpkin water bottle labels onto 8.5″ x 11″ Inch Label Paper (affiliate) or regular copy paper.  Cut out the labels individually.

Free printable pumpkin water bottle labels

Attach your label to your water bottle.  It’s best to remove the original water bottle label before adding the festive one.  If using regular paper, you can attach the label to your water bottle using Glue Dots, double sided tape or even packing tape.

These free printable pumpkin water bottle labels will fit standard and mini water bottles.

If handing out on Halloween night, I recommend using the mini water bottles since the regular water bottles tend to be heavy and bulky.  You wouldn’t want to weigh a little trick or treater down.  You can also use these pumpkin water bottle labels to decorate water bottles for class parties and other Halloween celebrations.

Planning a Halloween celebration?  Be sure to check out our Halloween invitations and other spooky celebration fun in our shop.  And if you enjoy these free printable pumpkin water bottle labels, check out our free printable pumpkin scavenger hunt.  It’s a great activity to play with your kids during the days leading up to Halloween night.

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