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It turns out that Halloween is now probably my third favorite holiday of the year.  After Christmas and Fourth of July, of course.

And being a favorite holiday means that it’s a great time to decorate the house.  Time to bring out the printables.

Over the years, I’ve developed a love of decorating with printables.  And it’s not just because I get to design them every day.

Printables is my go to for saving time.  Using them prevents me from going to the party store and coming back disappointed.  Have you noticed that the party store shelves seem bare these days?  Or lacking any kind of imagination?

When I decorate for holidays with printables, the printables are always in stock.  And I don’t have to wait for an item to arrive in the mail.  I can have an idea, find a printable, download it, print and the decoration is done.  Even assembling them can be fun.

My other issue with Halloween decorations is that they tend to be really spooky.  And we’re not really a spooky kind of Halloween family.  We like our Halloween celebrations to be nice and mellow.

So, it makes it hard when most of the Halloween decorations that I see feature skeletons, witches and Frankenstein.  And not the friendly kind.

A Friendly Halloween Banner

This Halloween season seems to be the perfect time to design a friendlier Halloween banner.  This one says “Boo!” and features the cutest bat and pumpkin around.  Yes, bats can be adorable.  So, can spiders.  Just depends what you make with them.

For the colors of this Halloween banner, I chose purple, orange and black.  I love using purple in my Halloween designs.  It’s almost a “black”, but less spooky.  Each banner piece features stripes and alternating colors.  It adds such a fun touch to our Halloween fireplace mantel décor.


How to Print this Halloween Banner

You can print your Halloween banner at home or at any print shop.  There are four pages that need to be printed to make your banner.  (If you’re looking for a print shop, be sure to check out the online print shop Prints of Love.) (affiliate)

If printing at home, I recommend using a medium to heavy smooth white cardstock for the best results.  This is the white cardstock that I use for 90% of my printable projects and works for most printers.  (affiliate)

If you need more printing tips, be sure to check out our printing guide here.

Once your Halloween banner is printed, you can use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut out the pieces.  I recommend a paper trimmer since it’s much less work and your cuts will be cleaner.  (affiliate)

How to Assemble your Halloween Banner

Making a printable banner is an actual craft project.  I just want to prepare you.

Although I do say that making printables can be easy and fun, creating your own banner is more on the fun side.

Things to keep in mind.

You can string your banner together with anything. I have used baker’s twine (in Halloween colors, of course), thick ribbon or even garden twine.  You can glue the pieces on or hole punch them on the top and string them through. (affiliate)

I share three different ways to string together your banner here.  Use the one you have the materials for and feel the most comfortable with.

Most importantly, be sure that the banner pieces are placed correctly before starting or you could end up spelling your word backwards.  If you lay them out facing down, make sure the letters are in backwards order.  This is coming from experience. Promise.

And check your hanging space before starting.  The reason this banner reads “Boo!” instead of “Happy Halloween” is because most people don’t have the space for “Happy Halloween”.  At five inches wide each, the length of banner pieces adds up.  “Happy Halloween” wouldn’t fit in most available spaces.

So before starting your banner project, decide where you want to hang it.  And make sure it fits.  The estimate length of this banner is 42 inches with some hanging space on each side.


Download your Halloween Banner

You can download your Halloween banner below.

Free Printable Halloween Banner
Love this Free Printable Halloween Banner?  Be sure to pin it below to save for later.


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