How to Write a Letter from Santa

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One of my favorite family Christmas traditions is Santa Claus.  I grew up a firm believer – from the elves’ workshop in the North Pole to Santa’s ability to deliver presents in one night.  I even remember playing Santa’s workshop in my basement growing up.  

So, we raised our kids on the Santa tradition too.  I think it adds lots of whimsy and fun to the holiday season.  I also love all of the creative energy I get from making it memorable.  From spreading magic reindeer food on the front lawn to getting a special delivery directly from the North Pole, their belief in Santa is still pretty strong.  (At least my youngest.  I think my oldest is just playing along for fun.)

One of the other things that my kids enjoy is receiving mail.  So combine the two things together and you get a letter from Santa.

Now, Santa doesn’t really send mail from the North Pole.  I mean if you’re on top of it (which I never am during the holiday season), you could participate in the USPS letter from Santa program (see the note below).  Or you could just write your own.  But which is better you may be thinking?

The Old Letter from Santa

It seems that the Letter from Santa program has changed since I was a kid.  Back then, at least where I grew up, these responses were written by well meaning volunteers.  And it’s the reason I stopped believing in Santa.  The letter from Santa that I received promised me everything that I had asked for.  My parents had a different Christmas plan that year and I knew immediately that he wasn’t “real”.

So I recommend composing your Letter from Santa yourself.  It’s the best way to make it personal and control all of the information that’s included.  You can write it by hand or use our Letter from Santa Template.  

And I promise.  It’s not that hard impersonating the big guy in the red suit.  You just have to be friendly, kind and have an idea about what he’s actually bringing your kids for Christmas.

Here are some ideas on things to include in your Letter from Santa.

Say Hello

Start your letter with a personalized greeting from Santa himself.  Write “Dear” and your child’s name.  If he or she uses a nickname, include that instead of their full name.  It will seem much more authentic.

Thank You

If your child wrote a letter to Santa, be sure to acknowledge this in the opening lines.  This will help keep the magic alive.  Santa can tell him how much he enjoyed reading it.  You can even add a comment on their handwriting.  Nothing is more motivating to keep practicing handwriting then Santa giving a compliment about it.

Catch Them Being Good

This part of the letter was always the most convincing to keep up the good behavior during the month of December.  Which isn’t always easy to come by.  

Mention a moment or two when your child was doing something good.  An act of kindness.  Helping to take care of a sibling.  Going to church.  Completing their homework without being asked.  

When your little knows Santa is watching, they will be more likely to do even more good acts.

Additional Personal Details

One thing that makes Santa extra special is that he is all knowing.  I mean if this guy is watching them while they are asleep and awake, he should know a lot of things about them.

So, include some personal little details that will make your letter from Santa special.  Mentioning the books they enjoy, that they eat all their vegetables and a sport they play is helpful. 


Nice or Naughty

Since you want to encourage good behavior, let your littles know that Santa has placed them on the Nice list.  You can even include an official “Nice List” certificate in your response letter.  

If they are in threat of landing on the Naughty list, you could include that too.  Warnings to be good can be pretty convincing this time of year.

Tell Them about the North Pole

Next, tell the recipient about what’s happening at the North Pole.  Some ideas include:

  • workshop updates (especially production delays)
  • elf shenanigans (kids love these – those elves can sure get into trouble)
  • what Mrs. Claus is up to
  • weather conditions
  • how the reindeer are doing

Mention their Christmas Request

Whether or not Santa will be able to deliver on your child’s specific Christmas request is up to you, but you should still reference it to make your letter seem more authentic.  

You can let them know that Santa is working on their requests.  He will have to review whether they are on the Nice or Naughty list.  Once their status is determined, he can let the elves know if they should make the presents.

If Santa will be unable to deliver on your child’s request this year, don’t fret about it.  I’ve seen what kids ask for these days.  There are some ridiculous requests out there.  Just let them know that the workshop isn’t making that item this year, but Santa will be happy to find a substitute.  Whatever Santa brings for Christmas, they will be thrilled with.  Promise.


What Treats to Leave

Another favorite Christmas Eve tradition is leaving Santa a plate of cookies, a cup of hot cocoa to warm up with and the reindeer some snacks.  But Santa’s likes can change year to year. 

Add a line or two about what Santa is currently eating.  Did Mrs. Claus make him go on a diet this year?  Does he still like milk chocolate hot cocoa or did he switch to dark?  And are the sugar cookies his favorite or does he prefer something with peppermint?  Kids love reading about these little details.  They take them so seriously.

Also, don’t forget about the reindeer.  Leaving them snacks to get them to the next house is super important.

Where Is Santa Headed Next

This part of the letter is optional, but you could add something about where Santa will be spending his post-holiday vacation.  Is he headed down to the beach or maybe even Disney World? Does he plan to take up the guitar or mariachi dancing?  Include some details about where he is going or what hobbies he looks forward to pursuing.


End your letter by telling your child how much you’re looking forward to Christmas and visiting their house.  Be sure to sign it with the official Santa signature.

How Do I Make an Envelope?

Although you can simply place your letter from Santa into a business #10 envelope (or an A7 if you are sending it as a 5″ x 7″ version), you might want to use our Letter from Santa Envelope Template instead.  Simply fill out the “To:” section with your child’s name and address.  For the “From:”, add Santa’s name and North Pole.  Print your envelope on copy paper or light white cardstock.  Cut out and assemble along the lines.  Then, add a stamp and use the USPS Letter from Santa program to get a postmark from the North Pole. 

Another idea is to add a digital North Pole postmark such as this one.  Simply upload it into the editing program and add it to the letter.  Or if you want it to look really authentic, use a North Pole stamp and place it over the letter stamp.  These are great ways to make your letter look authentic. (affiliates)

Where Can I Get a Letter from Santa Template?

I am excited to have added a Letter from Santa Template in the shop this year for you to edit with your details.  You can follow the letter writing guide above or make up your own Letter from Santa.

There is also an envelope template to print and fold so that you can really mail your letter from Santa and your child can find it in the mailbox.  Be sure to include the Nice List Certificate to make your letter from Santa even more special.  What an amazing way to make Christmas memorable!


How to Get a Letter Postmarked from the North Pole

Although your kids will think it’s super cool to get a letter from Santa, it’s even cooler to have one postmarked from the North Pole.  And the United States Postal Service can help.

Their Greetings from the North Pole program will send your child a letter postmarked from the North Pole.  Here’s how it works.  Write your own letter from Santa (you can handwrite a letter or use our letter from Santa template).  Then, place your letter and your child’s letter into a stamped envelope addressed to your child.  Place these into a larger envelope addressed to:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

The postal service recommends sending between November 23 and December 1st to guarantee a response before Christmas.

You can learn more about this special Christmas program here.

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Love these ideas for writing a letter from Santa?  Be sure to pin them for later.


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