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Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages

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One of the most relaxing activities that we enjoy doing together on a lazy afternoon is coloring.  We grab our favorite coloring supplies (mine are these ice cream scented markers or these erasable ones that fix any mistake you make (affiliates)).   Or these stampable markers (affiliate) are great fun for making patterns while you color and they’re scented.

Then, just color away.


The best part about coloring together is that no one has to talk.  We get to spend time as a family being creative.  But conversation is optional.

Not saying that we don’t talk.  There are deep discussions about what color to use next, whether to add an extra pattern or just leave a section white.  But these are wonderfully happy discussions.  Ones that I love having.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  Mainly because I love the springtime feel – florals, pussy willows, ginghams and lush greens.  I enjoy decorating the Easter tree with handmade Easter ornaments.  And baking some Easter treats to serve for dessert.


For Easter this year, I designed these Free Printable Easter Egg Pages.  They are perfect for spending some quiet time together coloring before the Easter Bunny arrives.  Or add to the children’s place settings at the kids’ table for Easter dinner.  You can even print some and take along to the restaurant if you are eating Easter dinner out.  Just don’t forget to grab some crayons.

In this collection of Free Printable Easter Egg Pages there are two versions of the design.  The first includes the Easter Egg designs individually.  You can print out each page and staple together to create a coloring book for your kids to enjoy.

I also made miniature versions of the eggs and placed six eggs on a page.  This way the kids can color smaller versions of the eggs and you’ll need less paper for printing.  Plus, if you do take these to go with you, one coloring page is easier to grab.

How Do I Print these Coloring Pages?

If using as a coloring activity, you can print the pages on regular white copy paper.  They are designed in black and white, so you don’t even need a color printer.

If you would like to use them for a decoration to hang up or make the mini Easter egg bunting, then print on medium to heavy white cardstock (affiliate) so they are more sturdy to hang.  You can find more tips for printing your digital designs in our printing guide here.


How do I Use these Coloring Pages at an Easter Party?

If you are hosting an Easter party this season, these Easter coloring pages are the perfect addition that guests will love.

You can print out the pages and assemble into a coloring book.  Add some bunny shaped crayons (affiliate) or a small pack of crayons.  Then, guests can color at your event or on the way home.

Another idea is to organize a coloring station at your event.  Set up a table and cover with a disposable tablecloth.  You wouldn’t want littles destroying your best white one with crayons.

Set out cups of crayons or markers.  (These bunny themed cups are adorable.)  Make sure the coloring materials are washable.  This way parents don’t have to worry if kids get them on their beautiful Easter outfits.

Print out multiple copies of each Easter egg coloring page and place the coloring pages in the center of the table.  Use a weight (a stone will do) to hold them down so they don’t blow everywhere.

If desired, add an art clothesline to display everyone’s beautiful artwork.  String a piece of garden twine or string between two points.  Then, add clothespin clips for easy hanging.  Kids can display their Easter eggs once they’ve finished coloring them.

As one of your Easter party activities, invite guests to enjoy the coloring station.  After they’re finished coloring, they can take their Easter egg home or you can display it on the art clothesline until the end of the party.

What Can We Do with the Coloring Pages Once They’re Colored?

We love coloring together, but we aren’t always sure what to do with our great works of art after they are made.  One idea is to use these Easter Egg Coloring Pages to decorate for Easter.  Cut out each egg and hang up around your home.

Another idea is to make a mini Easter bunting using the smaller Easter eggs. For the bunting, you can print the mini Easter egg coloring pages on heavy white cardstock (affiliate) or white copy paper.  If you use copy paper, glue pastel color cardstock to the back to make the egg cut outs heavier and add a pop of color.  Then, string together your bunting or hang with colorful mini clothespins (affiliate) to make the bunting.  You can hang the bunting on a cabinet or mantel.

You also use your colored Easter eggs as homemade place cards or decorations for your Easter dinner.  Place a mini Easter egg at each table setting in the center of the plate or scatter them around the tabletop.


Ready to get started coloring?  You can download your Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages here.  If you need help printing your designs, check out our guide for printing printables here.

And if you aren’t sure when you will have time to color yet, you can also save as a pin for later.


Looking for more Easter ideas?  Spread Easter joy to your favorite teachers with these Free Printable Easter Teacher Gift Tags.  Or these adorable Bunny Cupcake Toppers are the perfect way to dress up your Easter dessert table.  They are a sweet touch to cupcakes or other Easter desserts.

And if you’re hosting an Easter party, these No Sew Bunny Gift Bags make a wonderful favor bag or place to keep their Easter eggs.

Happy Celebrating,

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