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Creative Valentines Box Ideas

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One of my favorite parts about the school Valentine’s Day party growing up was making the Valentines box.  I loved mail, even then.  And making a special place to keep classroom Valentines was really important.

I was so excited the day our teacher sent home the request to bring a wrapped shoebox into school.  Luckily, my mom liked shopping for shoes.  So, we had a lot of those around.

For the next step, parents had to cut an opening into the lid.  This probably prevented a lot of accidents.

Then, we had to wrap the shoebox in some sort of paper.  Wrapping paper worked best.  But my favorite was Kraft brown paper (affiliate).  It provided a blank canvas for decorating the box.  And I loved the natural feel it gave my decorating.  Even at age eight.

After the shoebox was wrapped, we had to write our names on the front.  It was fun designing bubble letter or ones with curly cues.

Once everyone knew who the Valentines were for, it was time to transform the it into a Valentines box.  We decorated the outside of the box with lots of Valentine crafting goodies.  Heart stickers.  Heart shaped doilies.  Sequins and pom poms.  Sometimes even glitter.  Oh, the crafting fun that was had.

Must Haves to Make a Valentines Box

Although there are a couple Valentines box designs that I share below that you can simply cover with construction paper, there are two crafting items that you should have on hand to make a Valentines box.

The first is a sturdy box.  Shoebox. Small shipping box (time to reuse those Amazon boxes).  Even a cereal box.  But a Valentines box that holds up to a day of Valentine card deliveries definitely needs a well constructed box to receive them in.

The other thing that you need before starting any Valentines box design is solid color wrapping paper.  This will give you a good base to build your design on.

Since you’re making a box for Valentine’s Day, think about Valentine themed colors – white, pink, red or even purple (affiliates).  Another idea is to use a traditional Kraft brown paper (affiliate).

Pro Tip – If you have trouble finding solid colored wrapping paper, you could also try to flip over a regular wrapping paper and use the white side.  Although some of the back side designs might shine through, this is a great solution if time is limited.  Or you don’t want to run to the store for another thing.

Want to upgrade from wrapping paper?  Try wrapping your box in fabric instead.  You could choose a fun pattern – like this tie dye fabric (affiliate) – and decorate from there.


Photos from Mom Brite and Fun Money Mom

Creative Valentines Box Ideas

These days making a Valentines box is just as much fun as when I was a kid.  If not even more.  There are now so many more ideas to choose from.

Instead of just plopping on some doilies and stickers, you can design everything from an owl to a panda unicorn.  And the ideas are just so creative and cute.

Don’t have time to craft a Valentines Box?  No worries here.  I don’t think there’s a rule that your child’s Valentines box has to be homemade.

There are lots of creative Valentines boxes that you can purchase pre-assembled.  If time is an issue, this may be the perfect solution to making a creative box in time for the big day.

Check out my favorite creative Valentines box ideas below.  Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect place to gather your special Valentines.

Looking for Other Valentine’s Day Ideas?

We love Valentine’s Day around here.  From simple decorating ideas to baking these delicious chocolate raspberry heart cupcakes, I love how Valentine’s Day brightens the winter gloom right up.

One of our favorite ways to celebrate is making fun classroom Valentines.  Here are some of our favorite free printable classroom Valentine cards.

Animal Valentines

Heart Crayon Valentine

Valentine Word Search

Pencil Arrow Valentine Cards

Applesauce Valentines

Valentine’s Day Cookie Mix (perfect for teachers)

If you are looking for more personalized Valentine cards that you can edit, check out our classroom Valentine card assortment in our shop.  There’s lots of ideas to choose from to make your child’s Valentine’s Day extra special.

Love these Valentines Box ideas and want to save them for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


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